Sunday, February 19, 2012

Laneway Fest - Singapore pt 1

For my first post of the year, I'd like to share two of the best things I have ever experienced in my life.

Getting out of the country. If you really really really know me, I never liked travelling. I don't like going on field trips, I don't enjoy long bus rides, I'm just not comfortable with it. I'd rather stay at home and watch TV. Despite all these, I do love watching and being surrounded in live music which overcomes my aversion for travelling.

When St. Jerome's Laneway announced their Singapore dates for 2012, my hipster friends from the internet went crazy. Rabid. And when these people go nuts over something, you'll know it's worth at least checking out. Singapore it is.

Being a first time travlah, I had to do everything for the first time. Booking flights, looking for places to stay, etc. And much like everything you do for the first time, it was a learning experience. I booked my flight about 3 or 4 months earlier than the date, which taught me a lot about commitments.............

I feel like I've said a lot of nonsense already, so let's just get on with the pictures.
You'll know something is important to me when I take pictures of myself. This was me as I left for the office that morning. My flight was in the afternoon.

Outside the airplane.
Leaving Manila for the first time.
Arriving in Singapore. This was officially the farthest I've been away from home. And I've been to Sagada.

Texas Chicken biscuits = Instant happiness.

Look at these children counting vehicles

At Marche (Where food was great, pricy, and the gay dude behind the counter talked funny)

Went to the Philatelic Museum (Museum for stamps) because it was the cheapest we could find...

...and it had a Tintin exhibition.

Helga and hair pink hair and yellow top.

Good Morning Towel!!!

Here's a bunch of postage um... cans.

The Chinese Jose Rizal looks like Jose Rizal

On our way to Orchard rd. we hopped on a double decker!

Helga was also being a tourist

Shinji being Shinji. Joey Being Joey.

Can't remember why I took this picture, but here it is.
End of part 1. Part 2 is about Laneway which was why I was there in the first place.