Sunday, May 20, 2012

Complaining About Complaining and About Other Stuff

In case anybody was wondering, I'm fine. However, I have really been having problems articulating myself and that's why I haven't been posting much on this blog in the past couple of years. Of course, I'm not that busy. I just have been watching a lot of television, ~trying~ to write songs, and thinking about what to say and how to say it. It's another way of saying "I haven't been doing jack shit." It's awful.

With that said, I have been inspired by Twitter to air out complaints that I have been keeping for the last couple of weeks. That's right, I said it. I think Twitter is full of complaining. Whiny and irritating. It's awful.

Occupy Twitter Street

Anyway, here are my complaints. Bullet time! (I'm listening to Saosin at the moment, by the way)
  • These people on Twitter whining about Lady Gaga protesters. What have they actually done aside from writing less than 140 characters about it? Exactly. Obviously, these people (the people protesting Lady Gaga) don't care for much outside their own "righteousness" bubble. How they hell will they understand what you think of them? You're on the internet, they're outside doing something. Guess who's gotten more out of life. Awful. Just awful.
  • Community fans who's never seen Community on time. Are these people really asking why it's on the brink of cancellation? Sure, Community's a really great show and I understand why you're all upset why it's not getting the attention it truly deserves. But, you haven't seen it on TV have you? Have you seen it on it's actual Thursday night time slot? The bottom line is that TV is still business and ratings are everything. If the folks from the US don't bring the goods and watch it on time, we're all screwed. It's awful.
  • Dan Harmon getting kicked out of Community. What's the deal with that? The cast didn't even fight for him. Look at them rolling over and submitting to the network. Maybe they already fought for him and got nowhere. At the end of the day, It's all money and business. So awful.
  • Why on Earth did Anthony Green leave Saosin? They were so great with him.
  • The Lakers defense. Westbrook and Durant combined for 68 points, guys. I thought you knew how to guard these children? You are big, burly men. Be big and burly, dammit.
  • I'm not gonna mention it directly but it rhymes with blurl blime blating. What do I have to do? I'm on my knees here. 
  • EDSA traffic. Fuck you to hell.
Look, everyone. Complaining is really easy. If you care enough about it, do something. Good thing I really only care about item number 6.

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  1. Re #1, an argument can be made that the people on the internet complaining against the protesters, including me haha, don't really care enough to go out and do something. Disappointed with these self-righteous "Christians", yes, but it's not worth spending more than 2 days on the streets, and missing work altogether to do a counter-protest.