Monday, May 21, 2012

When You See Me Like This, This is Probably What I'm Thinking

Charles: So, how are you?
Charles: I'm great. Thanks for asking.
Charles: Are you, really?
Charles: Thankful for asking? Sure. It's something that's ofte--
Charles: I mean, are you really okay or are you just saying that?
Charles: Sure, of course.
Charles: What.
Charles: So how are things?
Charles: Not very g-- wait, I asked that first! And you never gave me a decent answer. WTF.
Charles: Well, you see, the most decent to the question "how are you?" is to say that you are fine. But, of course, nobody really is fine. I'm just saving you from all the misery that is the real answer to "how are you?"
Charles: Well, guy, you ARE talking to yourself. So, you are technically lying to yourself if you save yourself from all the misery that is the real answer to said question.
Charles: Fine. I am really bummed that the Lakers are losing.
Charles: Really? The Lakers? That's what has been eating you up?
Charles: Well, not entirely.
Charles: Go on.
Charles: There's this girl...
Charles: OKAY. Let me cut you off and tell you I don't wanna hear about it.
Charles: Well, FUCK you, guy. You asked first.
Charles: Charles, we both know how you really are with these things. You're always clueless about what's happening and you end up hurting yourself. And even when you actually know what's going on, you still hurt yourself. You're like an emotional jackass.
Charles: I am, aren't I?
Charles: Jackass. You're better than this.
Charles: Oh, am I? Please, oh, please tell me how and why.
Charles: You just are. Stop it.
Charles: YOU'RE a jackass.
Charles: Fine, jackass.
Charles: Also, stop eating crap from the street. Stop drinking coke.
Charles: Already did that.
Charles: Stop being so vain, looking at your Facebook profile all the time. Stop thinking the Lakers still have a chance. AND STOP THINKING YOU HAVE A CHANCE WITH THIS GIRL.
Charles: Well...
Charles: Okay. Um, see, ahh, well, it's hard not to think about these things when you're feeling them. You know?
Charles: Screw your feelings.
Charles: I might even think that I'm in L--
Charles: Don't say it.
Charles: vvvvbbttthh.
Charles: Just get yourself busy with other things. Finish your fucken EP. Go make some art. Watch more TV. I don't care. Make your mind think about other things. Soon, you'll remember that you've forgotten about things.
Charles: Right now, I'm just wondering when this will end.
Charles: Like I said, you'll just soon remember that you've forgotten about things.
Charles: No, I mean, when are you gonna stop talking.
Charles: ...
Charles: ...
Charles: ...
Charles: ...
Charles: Shut up.
Charles: I hope the Lakers win tonight.
Charles: Me too. I don't know if my heart can take it anymore.

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