Monday, May 28, 2012

The Many Ways I've Been Dumped

In the Philippines, they can both be named Marnie or Charlie.

A couple of weeks ago, Girls pretty much cemented its place in my personal favorite tv shows of all time with Charlie's break up scene with Marnie. It's because almost the same thing happened to me, obviously.

Two weeks later (this afternoon, of course), while walking home, I'm recounting the many times I've been dumped. Sure, it's a really mean thing to do to myself, but it's a 10-ish minute walk and I'm sort of seen everything the road home.

Because I'm a decent enough guy, I'm not going to tell any of them here. Some of the are sort of explicit, some are stupid, and all brings back some emotions I don't want to revisit.

"Hey, Charles. What's the point of this post, then?" I just wanted to create an excuse to declare to the world how much I like the show.

"Fair enough."

I just figured out who Hanna's mother looks like.
Now, tell me she doesn't look like a young Seymour Cassel.
No? Phillip Seymour-Hoffman?

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